Street Art

You can see more and more arts that are done on the streets and on every wall around the country. You can see normally works of vandalism that was done by gangs or anyone that wants to send a message or attract attention. This has become a problem around the world and it even costs a huge share in the budget of a city or nation. Seeing it will send a wrong message to whoever will see it. That is because of the negative content in words or image.

That is why vandalism has been considered as illegal as you are doing something without permission of the owner. Now it has revived into murals being painted on the street walls. Now you can find it everywhere. You can still find vandalism but they also have a good display of art and so people can call the graffiti an art. It is no longer words that are not good but people are showing their creativity in terms of painting on the walls.

There are even artists who group together and make a mission to paint one part of the city to make it beautiful. It is a way also to make the reputation of one place be revived. It is a place that is not filled with vandalism but now a place where you can see art. You will feel safer walking in them instead of feeling nervous that bad would be going to happen. Now graffiti artists are on the streets and buildings displaying their works.